Winter Solstice

      It's that time, the turning from dark to lighter days ahead. It's not that the sun's light has disappeared as we sit in the longest night of darkness. Acknowledging the Winter Solstice is the joy of looking forward to the promise of growing light in every way imaginable.

      In the days leading up to the births of my sons, I declined invitations and craved being alone while listening to calming music and moving in and out of low lying yoga postures. As we await the sun's rebirth, in what ways are you letting go with the cold, dark and heaviness of the earth? Are you feeling insecure, nervous or at peace with what's coming next in the New Year?

      Take some time this week to watch the sunset. Notice what you feel without being attached to whether you're doing it right or wrong. When you're done take 3 deep breaths.


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