Mudra Study Notes

Here are some notes from Friday September 16th's 7pm  Mudra Yoga Study Circle at Birchwood Center for Yoga and Massage in Nyack, New York. Please enjoy:

We do so much with our hands. We touch, feel, discover, receive, let go and more. We have a multitude of nerves in our hands to help us do so. Yoga's ancient teachings of our subtle (energy) body anatomy teaches we embody the elements of nature within our fingers as shown in the picture above.

Mudras are hand gestures. When we practice mudras we evoke, experience and heal various emotions we embody. We also stimulate our glands, nerves, organs and more. As you practice mudras you deeply connect to your subtle energetic self which grounds and empowers you in addition to vibrantly connects you to all that surrounds you.

There are hundreds of mudras to practice. Here I've shared a few by creating some mudra art with a bit of mudra wisdom. As you practice these hand gestures pay attention to how you feel.

Let's start with perhaps the most popular of mudras, Jnana or sometimes called Gyan mudra, the seal of wisdom. When you take your pointer finger to your thumb you connect to your root chakra, muladhara chakra. Feelings of being calm and grounded arise. This rooted and centered feeling improves your memory and increases your concentration which inspires creativity and your transformation. Any left over feelings of anxiety and powerlessness melt away. This mudra awakens and heals your endocrine and pituitary glands in addition to your nervous system.

Jnana mudra's planetary association is Jupiter, the planet of expansion. Imagine all the wisdom you've attained thus far expanding you to accomplish more than your wildest dreams ever imagined. Jupiter rules the astrological sign Sagittarius, the half man half horse archer who points his arrow towards the highest target. See this mudra as the lucky hand gesture.

Take your middle finger to your thumb and experience Shuni mudra, the seal of patience. It takes courage and responsibility to have the discipline that following through with anything requires. Shuni is the Sanskrit word for the planet Saturn. The planet of karma, hard work and discipline. Saturn rules the astrological sign of Capricorn. Think of Capricorn's image of the mountain goat dedicated to climbing up the mountain. Use this mudra when feelings of hopelessness and giving up arise.

Take your ring finger to your thumb and feel Surya mudra, the seal of good health. This hand gesture is often referred to as the weight loss mudra because it boosts your metabolism. When you practice this mudra you invite surya's, the sun's strength into your system. This mudra stokes your digestive fire and your third chakra, manipura chakra. Practice this mudra to boost your confidence, increase your sex appeal and to keep yourself strong as you move through life's transitions.

Surya mudra's planetary association is Uranus, the awakener. The planet of rebellion. Uranus rules the astrological sign of Aquarius, the revolutionary water bearer.

Let your pinky finger and thumb tips touch and feel Varun or also called Buddhi mudra, the seal of mental clarity. Varun is the Hindu Deity that governs water, the celestial ocean. Water is the element associated with the pinky finger. When you practice this mudra you stimulate the water element within you which eases digestion and your muscles, makes your skin and eyes glow in addition to skillfully blend the intuitive impressions you receive with everyday facts.

Varun mudra's planetary association is Mercury the planet of communication. Mercury rules the signs of the intellect, Gemini, the twins and Virgo, the maiden.  

When you take your palms together at the center of your chest you create Anjali mudra, prayer pose hands. It is a very popular mudra to practice and extremely powerful. This hand gesture is where you put your intention, your highest purpose and offer it up to the sun to strengthen it.

Padma mudra, lotus mudra is a beautiful expression of your purpose blossoming into a reality.

There are so many mudras to experience. If you're interested in seeing and learning more please follow me on instagram @allisonegandatwani for my latest mudra wisdom art and descriptions.

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