Making Mudras: Abhaya Mudra

Multi colored tasle necklace with bell from Global/Locally made fair trade boutique

Abhaya mudra variation. This hand gesture is said to promote feelings of peace, protection and no fear when held for some time in meditative stillness. No fear is exactly what we need during this summer's season of wild growth. Access your calm and courageous side by sitting still with this hand gesture for a minute or two and notice what you feel when you're done.

This coming September Friday the 16th, I will be leading a special Mudras class at Birchwood Center's Yoga Study Circle from 7-8:30pm. In this yoga philosophy class we will make mudras as I share all the rich and wordy detail I rarely get enough time to express in an everyday class. This is an interactive class, so get your questions ready. :)

Please visit to learn more about this beautiful riverside yoga school in the artistic and scenic Nyack, New York.

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