A Meditation: Connecting to Your Eternal Self

Nature does not recognize the injustice that's found within the world. It certainly can be affected by it such as in pollution, forests being destroyed and so on however it doesn't engage in what humans do to it and of course what we do to each other. With the world news being so overwhelming, it's hard not to notice the fear that has been generated within my thoughts and the community I live in.

Here's an easy to follow meditation practice I find useful when things fall apart:

Spend so time outside. Perhaps you can go to a favorite spot or sit on the nearest park bench. Quietly sit, stand or practice yoga postures while allowing nature to be alive and moving around you like a friend.

Release your global and internal concerns and notice what you hear, see, smell and feel. Perhaps the warm summer wind, the vast sky above or the morning dew on the grass. Realize the part of your consciousness that is eternal. The part of you that embodies the enduring elements of nature. Such as your internal fire that's found within your belly that relates to the sun's strength. Your reliable breath like the air we breathe. Your limitless potential which is like the upper regions of air that's beyond the clouds. Emotions that rise and fall like the tidal quality of water and a sense of home that's found within your heart as your grounding and earthly connection.

Meditating in nature and connecting with it as a living being can help you reach this eternal state. A state of realizing that you too like nature have limitless qualities which are not helpless when things fall apart. This is not a one time meditation yet one you can practice over and over for about twenty minutes.

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