Illumination Moon: Spending time with Dada JP Vaswani

This past moon cycle to say the least was super illuminating. When I met my husband 8 years ago I had the pleasure of being introduced to his Father's Guru, the Rev. Dada JP Vaswani. He is a beloved spiritual leader who has founded the Sadhu Vaswani Mission in Pune, India. The work the mission does is aligned with love and service to uplift all including our animal friends with encouraging animal rights. Health care, welfare and beyond both in the East and West has benefited and continues to from the mission's devotees passion to help others.

Gratefully Dada Vaswani at the age of 97 and soon to be 98 years of age this coming August 2nd has come to the United States this past May to share his knowledge. In this post I'm sharing my pictures and bits of Dada's inspirational words mixed with my insights from both my Newark, New Jersey Integral Yoga weekend with Dada and the annual Dada Vaswani and Krishna Das wisdom and Kirtan special event called "Empower Yourself" at The Town Hall in New York City.

The Rev. Dada JP Vaswani arriving for Friday night's satsang at The Double Tree Hilton Hotel banquet hall in Newark, New Jersey with Integral Yoga students and teachers from New York City and Yogaville, Virginia.

"The literal meaning of yoga is union. The joining of us to God. Somehow we get separated from God. Yoga is the science  that teaches us to be reunited with God." - Dada Vaswani

Saturday morning satsang. Here we received valuable insight from both Satiesh Daryanani and Dada Vaswani in making meditation a noun. Our natural state.

Here Dada spoke on world peace. He said "If you want peace in the world, all killing should be stopped. If you kill animals what will stop you from killing an enemy? It is time to charter human's rights to animals." Veena Daryanani is pictured here with Dada.

Kirtan, call and response chanting accompanied with tablas and more rocked the house into bliss.

After the Newark event I took this picture while on a very long line of grateful people awaiting our individual goodbyes to Dada. He embodies magnificent smiling stamina.

My husband Amit Egan Datwani and I in Bryant Park pre The Town Hall event on West 43rd St. in NYC with Dada Vaswani and Krishna Das.

With my friend Dawn Ifill pre event at Bryant Park.

A full house at The Town Hall.
I'm so impressed by how before Dada speaks to an audience he sits before his teacher's picture to receive a blessing.

Dada in a deep meditation during Krishna Das' performance.
A post event moment with Krishna Das receiving his Guru's blessing.

David Nichtern who is Krishna Das' guitarist is shown here with Dada Vaswani. David is also my first formal meditation teacher who I met nearly 15 years ago.

The lovely Nina Rao from Nina Rao Chant and Krishna Das' band awaiting Dada's blessing. Notice the painting of Dada's Guru.

I love this picture for so many reasons. My son Krishna is having a conversation with Krishna Das, my friend Dawn is with us as well as my teacher David Nichtern is standing in the background wearing the blue coat.

Finally here's my son Krishna receiving a blessing from Dada with my husband Amit and the forever glowing Krishna Kumari, Dada's assistant.

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