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August’s focus- feet, legs, & hips

You can’t plant flowers without dirt.  You need to set a steady foundation to grow your yoga postures, see progress in your fitness gains, & deepen your meditation experience. That’s why this August, the livestream & on demand classes at my online studio will focus on strengthening  & stretching your feet, legs, & hips to support you as you move through your yoga flow, bodysculpting, & surrender practices.  Benefits of strengthening & stretching your feet, legs, & hips- improve overall athletic performance support healthy movement patterns in your daily life help to prevent injury  boost metabolism  positive state of mind Even though Fall is around the corner, there’s still time to blossom on your mat with me this summer.  To access my high definition livestream & on demand studio anytime & anywhere please   Click Here. To practice in studio Y6 Hot, Slow Flow, Sculpt & Flow, & Restore classes with me at YogaSix West Boca, Florida please Clic

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