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Balance + Blossom Flow

There’s a NEW Yoga Flow at my high definition livestream + on demand studio & it’s called Balance + Blossom Flow. This flow is all about releasing what doesn’t serve you by standing in your center & opening up your heart. In this flow you will warm up with a rhythmic flow followed by balancing postures which will quiet your mind, ground your energy, & exercise your stability both physically & mentally. You will also practice shoulder openers and back extensions which will open & ease your  neck, shoulders, & chest muscles. After practicing Balance + Blossom Flow you will leave your mat feeling confident & strong. You will also free up your heart space making it easier to breathe deeply, feel good, & be open to the possibilities that are coming in the summer months ahead. To practice Balance + Blossom Flow livestream or on demand plus access BodySculpting & Surrender classes from the comfort of your own space anytime & anywhere please   Click Here

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