Surrender + Breath Work

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Just wanted to drop you a quick post about the special edition SURRENDER + BREATH Work online classes I’m offering this spring. These classes are a blend of Gentle, long hold stretch Yin, & Restorative Yoga, plus a 5-7 minute breath work exercise. They're designed to help you release tension, increase mobility, and cultivate mindfulness.

Class Format -

These classes are slow paced and focused on stretching and deep relaxation. We'll start with a gentle warm-up, move into a series of yin poses (which we'll hold for longer periods), and then wind down with a restorative sequence. Each class has a 5-7 minute calming  breath work exercise.

Benefits -

Physically, these classes will help release tension, increase mobility, and relieve pain from overused muscle groups in your hips, legs, back, arms, neck, and shoulders. Mentally, you’ll get a break from hyping yourself up for the athletic intensity of physically challenging workouts and daily stress. This will help you to reduce your overall stress levels and improve your sleep.

Props -

For these classes, I recommend having two yoga blocks, a yoga strap or a scarf or tie, and a yoga bolster or large sturdy pillow. These props will help you get deeper into the poses and make the practice more comfortable and accessible.

Accessing the Classes -

If you're interested in joining the classes, they're available in both Streamed and On Demand formats. The Streamed classes are held every Friday at 9 am EST. If you can't make it, no worries! You can always practice the On Demand Replay whenever it suits you. Just use the links provided below to access the classes.

And, if you're in the Boca Raton area, please join me for in studio classes at YogaSix West Boca. You can join me for a variety of classes including Y6 Restore, Y6 Slow Flow, Y6 Hot, and Y6 Sculpt + Flow.

+ click on the Spotify Playlist Link below to listen to the Surrender + Breath Work playlist while you practice with me online. Please listen from a separate device.

So, there you have it! That's all the info about the special edition SURRENDER + BREATH Work Online Classes. I hope to see you there!

From my heart to yours,


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