Yoga Teacher Training Reflection

We've completed our 4th weekend of the 200hr Yoga Teacher Training at YogaSix West Boca, and we're now at the midpoint of our journey!

We've been diving deep into everything from philosophy, methodology, history, breath work, postures, communication exercises, practice teaching, meditation and so much more. During our latest weekend together, I guided our trainees to rekindle their initial intentions for joining the training.

We practiced Pratapana (Sanskrit for 'stoking the fire'), which involves 6 to 7 movements of the spine. As we moved through back extensions, flexions, side bends, twists, and extended the spine upward, I asked everyone to envision their intention being fired up. It was a truly transformative weekend. I’m looking forward to our next meetup to continue stoking that sacred fire within us.

Curious about Pratapana? Check out the YouTube short video about it in the link below.

YouTube Short

If you're interested in practicing with me, I offer online classes at my at home studio for both livestream and on demand sessions. You can join from the comfort of your own space, anytime and anywhere. Please see links below.

Upcoming Livestream Classes

Practice On Demand

And for those in the Boca Raton area, you're welcome to join me in studio at YogaSix West Boca. Find the details in the link below.

YogaSix West Boca

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