Get Ready for Spring FLOW

I've got some great news to share! I've created a NEW yoga flow to help you shake off those winter blues and truly embrace the upcoming spring season. This Full Body Pre Spring Flow is designed to give you a comprehensive workout from head to toe, while also incorporating a moving meditation to boost your mental focus.

The best part? You'll finish each session feeling rejuvenated, stronger, and with a clear idea about how to channel your energy for the coming spring.

I will be streaming this class live every Monday at 9am EST. But don't worry if you can't make it, I’ve got you covered! The class will also be available on demand, meaning you can join in anytime, anywhere, at a pace that suits you and in the comfort of your own space.

This practice starts off with grounding poses and breath work, then moves into a breath centered yoga flow featuring a variety of side plank variations, a fluid standing flow, and deep twists to build heat. The session concludes with back extensions, hip openers to settle and cool down, followed by a final relaxation pose.

Trust me, you'll leave your mat positively glowing. So, are you ready to start your spring rejuvenation?

Click the links below to join the Full Body Pre Spring Flow. I’ve also included a Spotify Playlist link to listen to from a separate device while you practice.

Upcoming Livestream Classes

Practice On Demand

Spotify Playlist

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