Yoga + Pilates Fusion WorkShop @YogaSix West Boca


I’m thrilled to invite you to my next WorkShop at YogaSix West Boca, “Yoga + Pilates Fusion.”

Yoga + Pilates can be an excellent combo to boost strength, flexibility, & balance. Pilates focuses on core strength, stability, and balance while Yoga is well known for its ability to heal, detoxify, strengthen, and increase flexibility. The combination of Yoga + Pilates brings together the best of both practices, offering a complete mind body experience.

What to expect-

-This workshop starts with a breath centered yoga flow which first grounds and centers you followed by twists & side bends to heat you up.

-Then you will move through a mat Pilates flow of exercises. As you practice each exercise you will be guided through Pilates breath work, head, neck, shoulder, rib, & pelvic placement to ensure the safest and most effective experience. 

- Class concludes in restorative postures, meditation, & final relaxation. 

Who can benefit- 

Seasoned practitioners, curious beginners, and if you typically feel neck and low back tension when you work your middle body. This workshop is the perfect opportunity to apply the flexibility, strengthening, & healing skills of both Yoga and Pilates as you move on the mat.

Mark your calendar for the 11th of November at 1:30pm for 75min and please join us at YogaSix West Boca for an afternoon of wellness and rejuvenation. Remember, it's not about being good at something; it's about being good to yourself.

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