Compassionate Warrior Flow

Last week when I stepped onto the mat to create NEW content, I will admit I was a bit more concerned than usual on how I could string together the most appropriate combination of postures & breath work as a moving meditation that would both soothe & strengthen my students during this devastating & stressful time. 

As I experimented with different shapes, I noticed I kept on repeating back extension postures where you interlace your hands behind your back to open your neck, shoulders, & heart space coupled with strong warrior postures where your front leg lunges forward & strengthens. 

The result is Compassionate Warrior Flow, a practice which expresses the power and peace of yoga. Each pose in Compassionate Warrior Flow is carefully chosen to stimulate different parts of the body while also promoting mental clarity and emotional balance. This practice encourages participants to embody the qualities of a warrior’s strength, courage, resilience, as well as promoting compassion and understanding.

Compassionate Warrior Flow live streams every Monday at 9am EST. These live sessions provide an opportunity for participants to practice virtually alongside others around the world creating a sense of shared experience.

This practice is also available on demand. This means that you can access the practice at any time that suits you. Whether you're an early bird who likes to start your day with some mindful movement or a night owl who prefers to wind down with a yoga session before bed. Compassionate Warrior Flow is available for you to practice at your convenience.

I included a Spotify playlist for class. Please listen from a separate device & press play when practice starts.

Compassionate Warrior Flow Upcoming Livestream

Compassionate Warrior Flow On Demand

Spotify Compassionate Warrior Flow Playlist

If you are in Boca Raton, please join me for class at YogaSix West Boca. See the link below to access Y6’s website where you can review the class schedule & register for class.

Practice IN STUDIO at YogaSix West Boca

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