NEW - Create Space Flow


NEW - Create Space Flow is now available at my livestream + on demand studio. This practice is inspired by long Summer August days coming to an end and new schedules forming in your life as we approach September. 

School has started in South Florida which means my Summer routine is now wrapping itself around my son’s new school and sports schedule. I know in the North East schools start after Labor Day giving you a little more time before those back to school & back to business schedule vibes set in. 

Create Space Flow has plenty of twists to wring out what doesn’t serve you both physically & mentally. There’s also forward bends threaded within the flow with a camel pose backbend breakdown towards the end of class to nudge you towards being open hearted to what’s new both on the mat & in your life. Class concludes with on the floor restorative postures to rest and digest all you mobilized.

You will leave your mat feeling centered, spacious, & clear.

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Also, I made a REEL about my son who is occasionally my photographer. We took a lot of pictures this summer like the photo above. I’m so grateful for his willingness to give photography a try. 

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