HIP(PY) Love WorkShop @YogaSix West Boca

Get into your hips with this self care HIP(PY) Love - Standing Postures WorkShop at YogaSix West Boca Saturday September 9th at 1:30pm for 75min.

This practice opens and brings awareness into the muscles of the hip region. HIP(PY) Love is a deep dive into your glutes, hip rotators, hip flexors, & adductors (inner thighs).

What to expect- 

• This WorkShop starts with an introduction to the HIPS, including basic anatomy & a reason for why so many people suffer from tension & discomfort in the hips.

• Then, we enter a HIP(PY) Love Yoga Flow which tones and opens the muscles in the whole hip area to find enhanced alignment in standing postures.

• Class concludes in restorative hip openers, final relaxation, & meditation. 

Unlock some of the body’s tightest muscles and FREE your HIPS!


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