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I’m back in Boca & settling in after a wonderful trip visiting family and friends in the New York & New Jersey area. When I was in NJ, I taught a class at BambooMoves Yoga Englewood. I was thrilled to see the studio thriving plus reuniting with my yoga family means so much to me.

In New York City, I visited my old neighborhoods, ate at restaurants I miss, plus took in a fave Central Park view pictured above. This was a spot I frequented often to find my center while living a busy city life. 

My trip inspired a NEW flow at my livestream & on demand studio called Find Your Center Flow. It’s a twisty & hip opening flow with a couple of standing balances to guide you towards finding your center.

I’ve posted a couple of Shorts on YouTube. Here you can PreView Find Your Center Flow for less than 60 seconds. There is also a version with blocks to breakdown the challenging twisted standing balance. Please click on the links below to watch.

Find Your Center Short on YouTube

Find Your Center with Blocks Short on YouTube

To take the full length version of this class on demand please click on the link below.

Find Your Center Flow On Demand

The upcoming livestream of this class is Monday 9am est. To register for class please click on the link below.

Find Your Center Flow Upcoming Livestream

Your 1st Livestream or On Demand class is for FREE.

To practice with me in studio at YogaSix West Boca please click on the link below.

YogaSix West Boca

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