Blossoming Yoga Flow

Blossoming Yoga Flow is a NEW edition to the Yoga Flow practice at my high definition livestream + on demand studio. 

This practice is dedicated to noticing all that is blossoming in your life this Spring. Have you noticed a couple of seeds you planted years ago have shown themselves? Perhaps it was a thought you had & here it is! Maybe it’s 10 years late & looking a little different than planned but, it finally made it.

Lately, I’ve noticed this for myself & I’m receiving Spring’s surprise gifts with an open heart. 

To cultivate the mindfulness of noticing what’s coming up for you this Spring, I will guide you in Blossoming Yoga Flow to ground both your body & mind followed by breath work. You will then move into a flow that will warm up your spine & prepare your body to get into shapes that will have you navigate through twists & turns. You will be in a pose that you think is flowing in a certain direction & then WOW there it is! It blossoms into something NEW & unexpected.

This flow has twists & standing balances which are excellent for your digestion & stability. There’s also heart strengthening & opening shapes which will ease your neck & shoulders plus improve your posture.

To access this practice from the comfort of your own space anytime & anywhere please Click Here.

Your 1st class is FREE with a Replay.

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