Surrender into Spring

Spring’s longer & warmer days encourages that get out and about energy. Between evening walks during twilight, contemplating your garden, filling up your social calendar, plus upping your exercise routine, it’s not unusual to catch a little Spring Fever. It’s that restless and exhausted feeling that comes over you as a result of the increased energy you feel during the spring months due to shorter nights & a more active lifestyle.

On your restless & tired days, I suggest you give the Surrender high definition livestream + on demand class a try. This class is designed for you to find your breath, slow down, & rebalance your energy. You will warm up with a gentle yoga flow followed by stretching out your body & mind in long hold yin style seated & reclined yoga postures. Class concludes in restorative postures where you will use 2 yoga blocks & a large sturdy pillow to rest on & digest all you mobilized.

The Surrender class is perfect for brand NEW beginners, seasoned practitioners, & athletes who want to recover from long periods of sitting, standing, stress, plus hard workouts. 

To access my high definition livestream & on demand Yoga Flow, BodySculpting, & Surrender online studio from the comfort of your own space anytime & anywhere please Click Here.

Your 1st class is FREE with a Replay.

To practice in studio Y6 Hot, Y6 Slow Flow, Y6 Sculpt & Flow, & Y6 Restore classes with me at YogaSix West Boca, Florida please Click Here.

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