NEW- Spring ReFresh Flow

To celebrate Spring’s arrival,  I’ve created a NEW Yoga Flow at my high definition livestream + on demand studio called Spring ReFresh Flow. This practice will stimulate your senses with a Full Body Yoga Flow filled with all the poses you love or would like to love sequenced in an innovative style to make what’s familiar feel fresh & new.

Spring ReFresh Flow is an all levels Yoga Flow class. It is an alignment based feel good fluid flow class that focuses on slow paced transitions to strengthen and stretch your body. This tempo helps you move with conscious control. After warming up, you will progress into deep postures that will focus your mind in the present moment. Postures such as variations of Humble Warrior, Extended Side Angle Pose, & Dancer’s Pose. Class concludes in restorative postures that will help you rest & digest all you mobilized.

Your mind, body, & soul will feel a spark of NEW energy arise within you as you align with Spring, the season of new beginnings.

To access my high definition livestream & on demand Yoga Flow, BodySculpting, & Surrender online studio from the comfort of your own space anytime & anywhere please Click Here.

Your 1st class is FREE with a Replay.

To practice in studio Y6 Hot, Y6 Slow Flow, Y6 Sculpt & Flow, & Y6 Restore classes with me at YogaSix West Boca, Florida please Click Here.

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