March Motivation

What’s your motivation for showing up on the mat?

While teaching a high energy sculpting class, I asked everyone during the peak point of class when the physical body is typically feeling tired to reflect on “What motivated you to show up on the mat today?” 

As an example, I shared it’s fun. Yes, it’s work to make the time to show up, be focused, & stick with it. However, there’s very few times I’ve walked off of my mat not having experienced joy.

If you’re saying to yourself  “I would like to show up on my mat.” I suggest you write a list of a minimum of 3 things you feel you will receive if you make the time to get on the mat & do the work. 

Your list could look something like-

1. Health

2. Strength 

3. Peace

The purpose of doing this “What’s your motivation?” exercise is, your mind can make all sorts of excuses of why you can’t go on the mat. Also, once you’re on the mat & doing the work your physical body will get tired and want to stop. This is when you need to tap into your mental strength. Having a few motivational goals fresh in your thoughts will keep you going.

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