NEW - Side Body Yoga Flow

As we move through the last few weeks of winter, I’m leading Side Body Yoga Flows at my high definition livestream + on demand studio. Side Body Flows gives your mind, body, & soul a jumpstart into spring training because you will feel like you are taking a layer of your winter body off as your side waist muscles activate as well as your outer hips, & upper back arms. 

Side body postures opens and stretches the muscles between the ribs, your intercostal muscles. Having mobility in your middle body enables you to you deepen your breath which leads to increased lung capacity.

The focus on lengthening your side body will improve your posture & circulation. You will also reduce stress & anxiety especially during the last segment of class where you will rest on the floor in long hold stretch postures & final relaxation pose.

Let’s vibe winter goodbye & say hello to an early spring as we meet on the mat from the comfort of your own space for Side Body Yoga Flow.

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Your 1st class is FREE with a Replay.

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