February’s Fire in the Belly Flow


Fire in the Belly Flow is February’s NEW Yoga Flow at my high definition livestream + on demand studio. This class focuses on twisting, crunching, & stretching your middle body. This all levels practice will start with breath work to ground & center you followed by a warm up that will twist, crunch, & stretch you. You will progress into deep postures that will tie your mind to the present moment. Postures such as Twisted Lunge Pose, Standing Balance Pose, & Camel Pose. Class concludes in seated hip & shoulder opening postures followed by a final relaxation pose. These restorative postures will help you digest all you mobilized.

The results of this practice are you will strengthen, stretch, & ease your belly, side body, & lower back body. It will also stoke your inner fire & give rise to your inner power knowing spring, a season of new life awaits you.

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