Revisit Your New Year’s Goals

We’re moving into the 4th week of 2023!

How are your New Year’s resolutions going?

Having a career in yoga & fitness has me every January love being a part of people’s health & wellness resolutions. Both online & in studio classes are full of regular participants, post holiday “I’m going to get back to the mat” students, & brand NEW beginners. Everyone has individual & unique reasons to commit to their practice yet, I find the common thread is to make it a habit to practice regularly.

I tend to stay away from the word resolution because it’s a little strict by definition. I’ve noticed it makes people feel like they lost if they slip off schedule one day.

Instead, what I suggest is to create incremental goals that take you through the year. Have a vision of what you wish to accomplish by March. Make time for it by scheduling it into your calendar. If your goal is to make your wellness regimen a habit then schedule practicing yoga 2xs a week. Practice on the same days & times every week to create a routine. Doing so, you will be less likely to schedule something else in if going on your mat at a particular time & day is already part of your routine. Also, once you’ve embodied your mat time you will be more likely to miss practicing if for some reason you can’t practice on an a regularly scheduled day. When that feeling of “I skipped a day & I miss it.” comes up, you then know you have formed a habit of practicing yoga.

By March, up your goals to practicing 3xs a week to get your Spring Training game on. When June rolls around and leads you into the long Summer days ahead, you can tweak your mat time a bit to possibly add more sessions in & take different types of classes. You can try a weekly chilled out stretch class or a class with weights to get your muscles stronger.

I hope this Revisit Your New Year’s Goals post has inspired you to schedule time to practice & connect to your health & wellness goals.

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