Ignite Your Inner Light - New Year’s Core Body Flow

Happy New Year!

January marks the beginning of the new calendar year & gives us a chance to start fresh. Some people use this time to make New Year’s resolutions, most of which are unfortunately abandoned by February. You may want to use this time to set goals for the year. They can be physical, spiritual, & practical intentions you set for new beginnings that will carry you through the year ahead.

For January, I have created New Year’s Core Body Flows 

at my high definition livestream & on demand studio that will Ignite Your Inner Light specifically focused on your middle body. 

Yoga philosophy teaches we embody a 3rd chakra, which is an energy center that resides within our solar plexus. Its elemental association is fire. This chakra governs our will & is where both our truth & ego are born.

The New Year’s Core Body Flows will include grounding & centering where you will be guided to briefly check into your New Year’s goals & set an intention for your practice followed by a Core Body Flow that will twist, crunch, & stretch your middle body. Each class concludes in restorative postures to rest & digest your practice. 

The results are you will -

develop a stronger mid body

create more space in your lower back & side body

be focused on goals + flexible with daily intentions

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