Yoga Teacher Trainer Reflection- Stoking the Fire 🔥


The YogaSix West Boca 200hr Yoga Teacher Training has completed its 4th weekend. This means we have reached the middle of the training.

From my experience, this is the point in the training where the trainees decide internally which road to take. They ponder how bright to shine, to let go, or be somewhere in between. 

As the work piles up and the teachings run deeper, I reminded the trainees to revisit why they signed up for the training. To see their original intention unfolding before them like a lotus flower bud with countless questions, fears, & dreams.

An integral part of designing a yoga class is to warm up the body, in particular the spine with repetitive movements synchronized with breath. Pratapana is a Sanskrit word which describes this warming up phase of a class. Pratapana translates as to stoke the fire within.

As the trainees & I sat in a circle and created Pratapana- warm up the spine sequences, we were innovative as we found the words to seamlessly instruct each other in & out of the postures.

I witnessed expressions of aha arise & felt a sense of trust in the process come over the group. It was beautiful as we stoked the fire within & rekindled the flames of our intentions.


To align with November, my weekly livestream, on demand, & in studio classes are rich in twists to be like the trees in fall that shed their leaves. We will “Twist it Out” as we let go of the old to make room for what’s new as we move into the season of gratitude & holiday celebrations

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