Yoga Teacher Trainer Reflection- Speaking Your Practice


A couple of weekends ago I led YogaSix West Boca’s 200hr Yoga Teacher Training’s 2nd weekend.

The highlight was Sunday’s full moon day when the trainees put words to their yoga practice & individually led their first practice teach.

The nerves of the unknown were on high.

I felt for them, sent positive vibes, while pointing out their yoga practice is already in their hearts and now it’s time to speak their practice out loud.

After each teacher trainee taught, I immediately asked them to share what they felt in the moment. Not about messing up & forgetting this or that. Simply “How do you feel post speaking your practice out loud?”

Then I asked to share what they felt they did well, what was difficult, & how they will prepare differently for their next teaching. This was followed by positive feedback from their classmates. 

With this post teach conversation they made an affirmation such as I am relieved, I am happy, I am peace. 

This process turned the post teaching inner dialogue that could have easily spiraled down into a positive outer dialogue with the group.

Smiles were on, nerves were dimmed, & it was beautiful.

While I held this space & facilitated what could be a difficult module of the training, I had my own affirmation silently on repeat. It was “I am a Warrior.” 

It’s exactly how I feel as I guide the trainees from being students who receive to cross the bridge into leaders who will serve.


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