Yoga Teacher Trainer Reflection- Keeping it Vulnerable

Atha Yoga Anushasanam 

Now, the practice of yoga begins.

1st verse of the Yoga Sutras 

Last weekend was YogaSix West Boca’s 200hr Yoga Teacher Training’s 1st weekend.

This training is super balanced. It adheres to classical teachings blended with modern influence. I’m loving it.

As I refilled my well this morning with a little beach yoga, I reflected on the amount of vulnerability it takes to teach.

Over the weekend as I guided the teacher trainees through yoga philosophy about the koshas, I used a few personal stories to make the teachings more relatable as well as to break the ice.

I left feeling well, maybe that was a little much? While in the moment of teaching, everyone was open eyed, engaged, & chiming in with open hearts.

Last night, after one of my weekly sculpt + flow classes, a student came up to me after class & said “I love how you sometimes tell us a little story or joke. It really keeps me going.” 

It’s funny how in the moment the heart knows the way. The mind however, if you give it an inch it can take you miles away from your heart.

Keeping it vulnerable, I would say is an effective teacher’s tip. Especially with difficult teachings. Just use it in very small doses so, it’s not all about you. 

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