October’s Open Hearted Warrior Flows

In October, the days turn darker & sunsets grow more brilliant in fiery orange. Pumpkins brighten up entry ways & our drinks turn hot. These images of October makes the yoga teacher trainer within me know it’s the season to gather together with students, put down our mats, bolsters, & blocks in a circle, open up good old fashioned books & dive deep into all things yoga.

YogaSix West Boca’s 200hr Yoga Teacher Training starts on Friday September 30th. It’s the 1st YogaSix 200hr Yoga Teacher Training in South Florida & I’m delighted to be a part of kickstarting this program which runs until December 11th.

By October, my colleagues & I at YogaSix have already discussed & planned how to go about leading the training. We look forward to inspiring a new era of yoga practitioners & teachers. In the future, the graduates of this training will say they are the first post pandemic IN STUDIO YogaSix 200hr YTT class in South Florida.

Offering a in studio yoga teacher training and co-creating the first Y6 South Florida seed collective that’s willing to move forward with strength & grace has inspired me to trust the process with an open heart as we rebuild what was pre pandemic to what is now. As a result, my teachings this month are Open Hearted Warrior themed practices. 

My weekly livestream, on demand, & in studio classes will include Warrior Poses and variations of them to embody strength & balance. To lighten up & open the heart space, there will be plenty of neck and shoulder openers plus easy to follow backbends. The result will be feeling strong, steady, & compassionate.

To access my high definition livestream & on demand Yoga Flow, BodySculpting, & Surrender online studio anytime & anywhere please Click Here.

To practice in studio Y6 Hot, Slow Flow, Sculpt & Flow, & Restore classes with me at YogaSix West Boca, Florida please Click Here.

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