Life is a Balance

“Life is a balance between holding on & letting go.” - Rumi

I’m back in Boca reminiscing about my last few weeks visiting New Jersey & New York. It was a delight teaching classes in studio & live-streaming yoga flow classes at Bamboomoves Yoga NJ. Checking in, pre & post class student connection, as well as practicing with my BambooMoves family warms my heart to the core. The years we’ve had, the memories we’ve made, & the future we are building whether we are physically together or not, is uplifting & hopeful of a peaceful & healthy time ahead.

While I was in NY, I was reminded how great fresh baked bread can taste. Sounds so cliché but, it’s true. There’s nothing like bagels from NYC & the fashion. The street fashion look I loved & I’m bringing back to SoFlo is midi length skirts & platform sneakers. 

I also got to visit the Summit at One Vanderbilt. It’s a global cultural experience about a 100 floors up. This tourist attraction awakens your senses, curiosity, & your imagination in the heart of New York City.

Both the Summit’s safe container design & my connection to my breath to see & seize the beauty in the moment, inspired me to let go of my tremendous fear of heights & strike a Dancer’s Pose for a souvenir picture. There’s clear glass walls facing north, south, east, & west. I was particularly fond of the south walls facing the Empire State building. I highly recommend checking out the Summit to notice what you sense.

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