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Happy July! It’s Summer’s peak. A time when everything blooms, ripens, & melts from the heat of the sun.

What I remember from my childhood Julys is having an abundance of pears & tomatoes harvested from my family’s backyard garden. Running through sprinklers while eagerly anticipating going down the Jersey Shore with my family for our annual summer beach getaway.

Later in life, July was the month I gave birth to my 1st son. I brought him home to a garden filled with periwinkle blue hydrangeas. It was beautiful & it sure was hot outside.

This July, how will you balance keeping cool, notice what’s grown into your life, & having fun? 

This month my classes are inspired by finding your balance. You will find your balance with various postures & exercises that will improve your ability to control and stabilize your body’s position.

All this balance work will positively inspire you to bring balance into your life off the mat. Balance work is challenging so, every class will have a few moments in the beginning & end of class to center, chill, & stretch out on the floor. If resting & stretching out to find a little more mobility is all you need to find your balance these days, I’ve got the perfect class for you called Surrender. 

Below are my online classes. To access my online livestream & on demand studio where you can practice with me anytime & anywhere please Click Here.

This July I will be visiting New Jersey & reuniting with the BambooMoves Yoga community in Englewood by teaching a few in studio classes which are also available for livestream.

Sat. July 9th 9-10:15am

Mon. July 11th 9:30-10:45am

Wed. July 13th 9:30-10:45am

Sat. July 16th 9-10:15am

All classes are Open Level Yoga Flow

To register for class at BambooMoves Yoga please Click Here. 

To take in studio Slow Flow, Restore, Sculpt & Flow, & Hot classes with me at YogaSix West Boca please Click Here. 

My last class before I head north is Wednesday July 6th’s 10:30am Restore class. I will return to teach in studio at Y6 West Boca Sunday July 24th.

+ if you want to deepen your personal yoga practice and/or become a certified yoga teacher, YogaSix West Boca is hosting a 200hr Yoga Alliance approved Yoga Teacher Training Sept. 30th-Dec. 11th. will be co-teaching the training. It’s going to be a great one rich in philosophy, ayurveda, chanting, anatomy, energy body studies, plus physical & mindfulness training. I’m looking forward to sharing & learning with the YogaSix community. Please click on the YogaSix West Boca link above for more information.

I hope we can meet on the mat online or in studio.

I wish you a happy & healthy summer!



Wearing KiraGrace

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