Benefits of Binding Your Yoga Postures

In yoga, to bind means any action where one part of the body holds onto another part or two body parts are intertwined. Binding allows the body to deepen into a pose, hold the pose for a longer period of time, and relax the body so, parts of it can blossom open. 

In Dancer’s Pose prep pictured above, my right backside including my shoulder, back, buttock, and hamstring are contracted as my right hand binds my right ankle. The result is the front of my right shoulder, chest, abdomen, and thigh stretches open. Binding stretches and elongates the spine, improves your posture, and quiets the mind as you find your balance between struggling to find a pose and striving to find a bind that respects where you are physically. The use of a yoga strap, hand towel, or scarf can be used to bridge the gap in your bind.

Overtime, you may find bound postures are easier to sustain than unbound postures. A bound pose may help you find your balance a little quicker because you’re holding onto a part of yourself. Here you can create a little push & pull resistance to balance activating & stretching your body into a pose. Bound postures also help you work a little deeper into stretching areas of tightness you may not get to in an unbound pose.

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