Bind & Blossom

I’m calling my classes for the month of May - Bind & Blossom. Inspired by beautiful May, when the sun meets the earth with love & the earth blossoms into a paradise.

You are going to find this loving & creative energy in my classes by joining your hands together & interlacing your fingers behind your back, overhead, on your side body, plus wrapping your arms across your chest. These movements that bind your hands together plus so many more like them, will open your chest, neck, shoulders, & back body. This will improve your posture, enable you to deepen your breath, ease neck & shoulder tension, plus boost your self esteem. 

In addition to this month’s focus on stretching the upper body, you will also strengthen your entire body, connect to your passions via meditation & movement as well as observe your transformation as you blossom.

To access my online livestream & on demand studio where you can practice with me anytime & anywhere please click here.

To practice in studio with me at YogaSix West Boca please click here.

See below for photos of this month’s weekly classes at my online livestream & on demand studio.

Apparel by KiraGrace

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