Balance & Bloom

We are two weeks into Spring, the season of rebirth. You maybe spotting its symbols of eggs, rabbits, pastel colors, and baby chicks. It’s a time of renewal and to seek balance, as day and night were nearly equal on the first day of spring. Now the day’s light is growing longer in length making our energy as well as nature’s increase. Are you feeling those get up and go springtime vibes moving through you? Have you been hearing the birds sing in the morning & noticing cats cross your path? 

This April, at my online livestream & on demand Yoga Flow, BodySculpting, & Surrender studio, we will plant positive seeds with classes rich in finding your balance so, you can strengthen your focus, coordination, plus firmly root your energy into the ground to grow & blossom.

We will also clean out the mental & physical cobwebs with breath work, meditation, energizing yoga flows, stimulating sculpting exercises & cardio blast sequences + slow it down with long hold yin yoga inspired stretches and restorative yoga to let the light in.

Spring is a time to do something NEW, feel young again, & to delight in the flowering of the land.

To find your balance & bloom with me at my online studio where you can join me for livestream classes or take class on demand anytime & anywhere to suit your schedule please Click here.

To take in studio Y6 Hot, Slow Flow, & Sculpt & Flow classes with me at YogaSix West Boca please Click here.

Check out below ⬇️ thumbnail pictures of the weekly livestream & on demand classes I’m offering this month at my online studio.

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