SpotLight on SURRENDER 🐚

As we complete the first week of the new year, we may have been inspired to let go of some things that weren’t suitable for us from the previous year. The lessons we learned from our experiences both good & bad will hopefully guide us well as we move forward & begin anew. 

If you’re seeking peeling away & shedding what’s old to embrace the many gifts living in the present moment can offer, the SURRENDER livestream & on demand class maybe the perfect antidote to help clean the slate of both body & mind to experience peace.

I am currently live-streaming SURRENDER Fridays at 9am est at my online studio. After class, I immediately put my livestreams into my on demand class replays library where you can practice with me anytime & anywhere. To access this class as well as my Yoga Flow & BodySculpting classes where your 1st class is FREE with an on demand class replay please Click here!

See below for SURRENDER’s full description-

The SURRENDER class is a healing blend of Gentle, long hold stretch Yin, & Restorative Yoga. It's a slow paced and chilled out practice that focuses on stretching and deep relaxation. The benefits of this class are both physical and mental. Physically this class will help release tension, increase mobility, and relieve pain from overused muscle groups in your hips, legs, back, arms, and shoulders. Mentally you will take a break from the athletic intensity of physically challenging workouts and daily stress. The results of this practice are reduced stress, a better mood, and improved sleep. 

SURRENDER is an All Levels class, that's perfect for Brand NEW Beginners, the seasoned practitioner, athletes, or anyone who wants to recover from a long day or hard workout.

Two yoga blocks & a bolster or large sturdy pillow is recommended.

To practice with me IN STUDIO at YogaSix West Boca, Florida please Click here!

To practice with me via Zoom Livestreams at BambooMoves Yoga Englewood, New Jersey please Click here!

I wish  you a year filled with a renewed sense of energy, focus, and balance. 



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