NEW Twisting & Hip Opening Slow Yoga Flows at Allison's Livestream & On Demand Studio


"Be like a sunflower - bright, sunny, and positive. Spread seeds of happiness, stand tall, and always turn toward the light." - Anonymous

I came across this quote and felt it was a must share. Its positivity and truth reminded me not only of my childhood's summer family trips driving past gorgeous sunflower fields in New York State but also, how the natural world has beautiful things to teach us if we take the time to notice.

If you're looking for a way to bring more presence, strength, and joy into your life, I recommend adding my NEW Yoga Flow + Restore Livestream and On Demand practices to your self care routine. Currently I'm teaching Slow Yoga Flow classes that are rich in twisting and hip opening. These twisting flows will strengthen your lower body and ease up lower back + neck and shoulder stiffness. The last 15 minutes of class is rich in restorative hip openers which will create more space and healing within your lower body and back. You will leave class feeling rejuvenated and positively glowing.

Please click on the link for my Upcoming Livestream Classes at my Online Studio and click on the link for my On Demand Class Replays Library

For my friends at BambooMoves, I am continuing to livestream the Gentle Warrior classes Tuesdays and Thursdays at 12noon and the Surrender class Fridays at 5pm. Please click on the link for more information and to register for class at BambooMoves Yoga Englewood, NJ

For my South Florida friends, I am teaching live in person Y6 Hot Vinyasa Flow and Y6 Sculpt & Flow classes at YogaSix in West Boca. Please click on the link for more information and to register for class at YogaSix West Boca

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