Sat. 12/12 Winter Solstice Yoga Flow + Restore Livestream Workshop with Ramapo College of NJ

    The year's longest night of darkness is the Winter Solstice, December 21st. After this night the sun slowly grows in strength as each day passes. As we sit in the darkest time of the year, and what a massive year it's been for all of us, the Winter Solstice carries the promise of light and hope for the New Year ahead. It is a perfect time to work on letting go of the year and getting clear on what you wish to attract in 2021. 

    This coming Saturday, I'm teaching with Ramapo College of New Jersey a -

Winter Solstice 

Yoga Flow + Restore 

Livestream Workshop 12/12 9:30am 2hrs

     This practice is an alignment based and creatively sequenced slow paced fluid yoga flow designed to physically strengthen and stretch the abdomen, side waist, and lower back body. Yoga philosophy teaches our core body is our sun energy center. The 3rd Chakra is the energy center found within our center body. This energy center is where connecting to knowing yourself, your gut instinct, and personal power is born. It is the area from which your New Year's wishes are felt and realized.

In this livestream workshop we will:

- Ground and center with breath work while in a restorative posture.

- Move through an alignment based and creatively sequenced slow paced fluid yoga flow which focuses on strengthening and stretching the middle body with twists & easy backbends.

- Have meditative pauses where you will learn about, feel, and reflect on the 3rd Chakra/energy center.

- Be inspired to set a true to you intention/Sankalpa for the coming year ahead.

- Digest all that you mobilized in class while resting in a restorative posture.

*Yoga Teachers in Training will experience a thematic seasonal workshop where meditation, breath work, postures, and yoga teachings are combined seamlessly to provide your students a balanced healing yoga practice that matches with the season. 

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