What is Yin Yoga? Surrender Class -Fridays at 5pm -Live-streaming at BambooMoves Yoga

Dragon Pose

     I'm teaching a super chilled out live-stream class called SURRENDER Fridays at 5pm with BambooMoves Yoga. SURRENDER'S class description is a healing blend of Hatha Yoga, long Yin Yoga holds, and Restorative Yoga that will dissolve stress and ease anxiety. Ever since I started leading this class, I've been asked a few times "What is Yin Yoga?" 

     In Yin Yoga we hold the poses from anywhere between 2-5 minutes. We do this to really work into the joints, connective tissue, ligaments and the fascia. In Vinyasa Yoga flow based classes, we move quicker through the poses. Vinyasa classes typically take 3 to 5 breaths in a pose to work the muscles and then get the effect of the stretch. In Yin Yoga, it takes a minimum of 2 minutes in a pose to affect the deeper set tissues. In the SURRENDER class we will be holding the Yin poses for about 2 minutes. We will use at home props such as pillows to allow ourselves to let go of the muscles and receive the benefits of the Yin Yoga practice. In this class there's also Hatha Yoga postures that we hold for a few breaths as well as a Restorative Yoga pose we rest in prior to Savasana, the final relaxation pose.

     Please join us on Fridays at 5pm for the SURRENDER practice. To register for class please visit www.bamboomovesenglewood.com When you sign up for class, you will automatically receive an email with your Zoom link, meeting ID, and password. If you signed up but didn't receive your email, please check your junk folder. Also, you will need to download the Zoom app onto either your phone, computer, or iPad. I will be waiting for you 15 minutes before class.

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