Detox Tips from the Spring Detox Yoga Flow Workshop

     Last Thursday I led a Livestream Spring Detox Yoga Flow Workshop online at BambooMoves Yoga in Englewood, NJ. This workshop focused on revitalizing twists, deep hip opening, and focused core engagement. The result of this practice was a wonderful physical wringing out of the midsection, hips, and neck and shoulders. In addition to the physical practice, I offered a few Spring Detox Tips to benefit cleansing and strengthening your energy. These tips don't require shopping for this or that to help you detox. I hope you find them useful.

     Detox Tips to Cleanse and Strengthen Your Energy-

     1. The Mental Cleanse- I remember a beautiful spiritual master named Dada JP Vaswani saying "Everyday you must shampoo your mind with meditation." I love this teaching which expresses that to meditate is to cleanse your mind. When the mind becomes still, there's space to be noticed in-between your thoughts. Overtime and with practice, these gaps of space become larger. The result is a less hectic you and more equanimous state of being.

     2. Stare at Water- Have you heard of hydromancy? It's the practice of staring into water. It's very calming. Go visit a body of water like the ocean, a river, lake, or a creek and gaze into it. If possible go in the water too. If that's impossible for you these days because of the lockdown, then make yourself a nice salt water bath or take an extra long shower and gaze into the water. You will feel amazing afterwards because you cleansed yourself of negativity and strengthened your energy.

     3. Listen to 432hz Music- What is 432hz music? It's relaxing music that sounds similar to spa or yoga music. Simply search online for 432hz music and you will find plenty. 432hz music is very calming and said to heal the heart. When I listen to the soothing sounds of 432hz music before I go to bed, I fall asleep with ease, and wake up feeling great. Give yourself a sound bath by listening to 432hz music. You will feel so pure inside because this frequency of music will cleanse your energy field.

     Meditate, go into nature more often, and gaze into water. If possible jump in that water and cleanse yourself. Listen as often as you can to the sweet soothing sounds of 432hz music and your energy will feel cleansed and strengthened. It's all free. All it requires is your presence and practice. Give it a try and you will notice how you raised your frequency for the better.


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