NEW Livestream Class-SURRENDER-Blend of Hatha Postures, Long Yin Holds, and Restorative Yoga 5pm Fridays

     SURRENDER is a healing blend of Hatha Yoga postures, long Yin Yoga holds, and Restorative Yoga making it the perfect antidote to relieve stress and anxiety. In this class you will ease your body and free your mind with deep stretches and long holds to release tension in the tightest areas of your body. Be prepared to relax, let go, and experience stillness. This class is perfect for All Levels.

     Please join us for the SURRENDER practice at 5pm on Fridays. To register for class please visit When you sign up for class, you will automatically receive an email with your Zoom link, meeting ID, and password within a few minutes. If you signed up but didn't receive your email, please check your junk/spam folder. Also, you will need to download the Zoom app onto either your phone, computer, or iPad. I will be waiting for you 15 minutes before class.

     Below is my current Livestream Yoga Class Schedule at Bamboomoves Yoga in Englewood, NJ

     Tuesdays at 12noon Gentle Warrior Yoga Flow see below for class description

     Thursdays at 12noon Gentle Warrior Yoga Flow

     Fridays at 5pm Surrender

     Gentle Warrior Yoga Flow is like a Level 1 class with special attention to one restorative yoga pose, pranayama, and meditation either at the end or beginning of class. There are no inversions in this class, but be prepared to experience an energizing noon time yoga flow.

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