Create a Special to You Space for at Home Yoga

     Today while live-streaming the Gentle Warrior class I was admiring these beautiful tulips opening up against my Buddha and crystals. Although a yoga practice does not require much more than your presence and a sticky mat surface, I do love seeing flowers, plants, sunlight, or lit candles adorning my yoga space. If you've been practicing alone or live-streaming yoga classes maybe you can consider making your yoga practicing space a little bit more special to you. Doing so may just get you on the mat more often.

     See you on the mat tomorrow Friday at 5pm for the SURRENDER class. This class is a healing blend of Hatha Yoga, long Yin Yoga holds, and Restorative Yoga that will dissolve stress and anxiety. In this class you will ease your body and free your mind with deep stretches and long holds to release tension in the tightest areas of your body.  Be prepared to relax, let go, and experience stillness. This practice is perfect for All Levels.

     To register for class please visit

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