Yoga's Subtle Body, an exploration of the Chakras/a 7 week course at Birchwood Center in Nyack, NY

I'm seated in Malasana/Garland Pose with a variation of the 2nd Chakra's Yantra/Geometric Diagram

    Yoga's Subtle Body, an exploration of the Chakras is a special 7 week course because it will offer you plenty of knowledge about the 7 Chakras. It will expand your consciousness and strengthen you in certain parts of your body that maybe neglected in a more regular yoga practice. Each class will focus on one of the seven chakras. The classes will consist of a description and discussion about the chakra of the evening. There will be an asana practice rich in postures, meditation, and pranayama dedicated to that chakra plus a special reflection at the end of the session to deepen your understanding of the chakra.

    We will meet at Birchwood Center in Nyack, NY for 7 Wednesdays from 6:30pm-8:30pm starting February 12th-March 25th. Each class will be led by a different teacher. I will be teaching the 2nd session Wednesday Feb. 19th. This class is dedicated to the 2nd Chakra, Svadhisthana Chakra which is found within the hips and sacral part of the body. During the physical portion of this class we will work towards a peak posture that correlates to the 2nd Chakra. Practicing this way will help you understand where the chakra is located and how it moves within the body. You will also be moving through different expressions of the poses that will help to open and balance the chakra.

    Opening and strengthening the hips can be challenging so I will be offering variations and modifications of the poses throughout the practice. I will also demonstrate and encourage the use of yoga props like blankets and blocks. 

    This 7 week course is Open to everyone! Yoga Teachers can receive 14 CEU's from the Yoga Alliance for completing the full 7 week course. You are welcome to join us for one or more sessions

    Please visit  for more information and to register.

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