Winter Solstice Meditation

     During this longest night of the year consider getting to know the darkness as a meditation practice. Turn off all the lights, phones and unplug everything that's waiting on standby for you like your TV and computer. Our modern ways wants us connected and dialed into the program. It wants us to fear darkness, forget stillness and welcome everything the busy Holiday Season has to offer.

     Getting still and welcoming the season's darkest days can be healing. Feelings like cleaning the slate, returning to the womb or cave, and starting anew come to mind. I know I seek attuning to nature's quietude this time of year when I retreat with my family on holiday. Far away from city lights at night in the woods or at the beach I look towards that ink blue sky and embrace with awe, nature in its stillness.

     Tonight the darkest night of the year including the next few nights leading up into the New Year, sit in the dark with yourself. You can try an outdoor seated or standing meditation or keep it cozy and warm indoors. If indoors sit cross legged or go into a restorative yoga pose like legs up the wall or rest on your back in savasana, corpse pose. Consciously slow down your breathing by closing your mouth and take 3 long deep nose breaths and then let your breath be natural. Notice your heart rate responding and slowing down. Be aware of your eyes adjusting. As your pupils widen you will see more in the dark than moments before. Feel your surrender to the darkness create more spaciousness, strength and healing within you.

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