Chakraspiration-last week's Workshop at Ramapo College of NJ

Twisted 1/2 Moon Pose/Parivrtta Ardha Chandrasana variation

     Last weekend I led the Chakras teaching for Ramapo College of NJ's 200hr Yoga Teacher Training. This teaching was open to drop in students and we dove deep into our understanding of the chakras. I've posted this blog so you could have a little insight into chakra wisdom and so the attendees would have some basic online notes. Before I get to the chakras, I have 2 more teachings scheduled this October at the Krame Center at Ramapo College of NJ.

Vinyasa Yoga Workshop-How to Create a Class   Saturday Oct. 19th   from 2pm-6pm

Bandhas-Our Energetic Locks   Friday Oct. 25th   from 6pm-9pm

Please read my previous blog post for workshop descriptions.

$35 drop in fee
$10 College students

Please bring a yoga mat and wear comfortable clothing to move in.

Visit for more information.


     Chakras is a Sanskrit word which means wheels of light. We have many energy centers within our body yet there are 7 major energy centers you may find interesting to know about. These centers allow for a smooth flow of energy to move through you. When a chakra is blocked disease follows. When your chakras are open you experience good health.

     Muladhara means root support. It is the 1st chakra found at the base of the pelvis. It is red in color and its mantra is LAM. It is associated with our feelings about our home, family and money. To open this survival chakra you must ground yourself. Take off your shoes and socks, stand barefoot on the earth and take 3 deep breaths. Notice how you feel.

     Svadhisthana means the sweet abode of self. It is the 2nd chakra found within the reproductive body. It is orange in color and its mantra is VAM. This chakra deals with sensuality and creativity. You need to have a healthy attitude towards yourself to balance this center. Once you love your body the 2nd chakra opens up. Here you will feel confident. This confidence will deepen your relationships and encourage you to share whatever it is you create.

     Manipura means the city of the shining jewel. It is the 3rd chakra found around your navel. It is yellow in color and its mantra is RAM. This chakra governs your identity. Where you say "I am this" and "I am that." It's your power center. How to open it is to meditate and pay attention to your gut. You have a mini brain in there called your intuition. Does it say yes or no?

     Anahata means the sound of two things not hitting each other. It is the 4th chakra found within the center of your chest and in-between your shoulder blades. It is green in color and its mantra is YAM. This is the "I love" chakra. To open your heart to love you must first love yourself. Plenty of self care like eating well, exercising, sleep and doing what you love are acts of self love. Once you have self love as a regular practice you can then have a full well to give love and serve others.

     Vishuddha means pure. It is the 5th chakra found within your throat. It is blue in color and its mantra is HAM. This chakra is associated with communication. To open this chakra you must be impeccable with your words. Say no when you feel no and yes when you feel yes. Say positive affirmations like "I can do this!" "I can do that!" Also there's a time to listen and not speak. All of this will help you heal and balance your throat chakra.


     Ajna means to know or to perceive. It is the 6th chakra and is found within the center of our eyebrows. It is purple in color and its mantra is OM. Also known as our 3rd eye, this chakra is associated with our intuition and imagination. This chakra opens when you question your reality. When you open your 3rd eye you see the many illusions of this world that trick you to buy this or do that. A good mantra to repeat to keep this center open is "Know Thyself" This will remind you to feel out everything and use your discernment when it comes to decision making. 

     Sahasrara means a 1,000 petaled lotus. It is the 7th chakra found at the crown of the head. It is white in color and its mantra is OM. This chakra connects us to the spiritual realm. Connecting to this center means detaching from this 3D realm and going 5D. A good way to do this is to retreat to the mountains, jump in the ocean or something closer to home like take a salt bath. When you open this center you are all about discovering the truth about everything. A sense of interconnection to everything in the universe moves through you.

     I hope you enjoyed these notes! See you on the mat!


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