Open Your 3rd Eye notes from last week's Yoga Study Circle at Birchwood Center

Sunning my 3rd Eye in Tip Toe Pose during the golden hour.

      Last week I led the Yoga Study Circle at Birchwood Center in Nyack, New York. Here we focused on Opening Our 3rd Eyes. During the circle I shared plenty but I felt to share a few online notes so you could have a couple of lifestyle tips to refer to that will encourage that purple 3rd eye light of yours to shine bright and stay open.

      Find the sun. The 3rd eye is light sensitive. Go into the sun and gaze into it. A good time to do that so you don't harm your eyes is during the golden hour right before the sun sets. Even if it's cold outside, find the sun. The sun is life and will energetically move through all the layers you wear during those cold winter days.

      Question everything before accepting. You need to question everything you see, everything you read and hear. So much of what we are told is to limit us, to slow us down and get us to buy this and do that. Be inquisitive and use your discernment. Ask yourself "Does it feel right or wrong?"

       Read to expand your mind. Read articles and books that don't trash talk but are written to expand your consciousness. When you sit in a state of not knowing everything and approach things with curiosity your 3rd eye is opens.

       Surround yourself with people who you believe are high conscious beings. That's how you learn and grow. When you are around people with high level consciousness you start to open up. Find and hang out with free thinkers that can guide you to the next level of consciousness.

       Meditation and Yoga will open your 3rd eye. Meditation and Yoga is the art of absorbing yourself in the present moment. It gives you increased foresight. You will develop clairvoyance, the ability to see things before they happen. clairaudience, the ability to hear things deeper than before and possibly clairsentience, the ability to feel deeply.

        There's so much more to opening your 3rd eye but I hope this helps you feel inspired to go deeper down your path to learning and healing with yoga's wisdom.

        Please visit for their next Yoga Study Circle offering and much more!

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