New Moon, New Vinyasa Yoga Flow

    Tuesday July 2nd's New Moon is a Total Solar Eclipse. A day where the Moon covers the Sun's light for a few minutes. This lack of light show will be visible in the South Pacific, southern Chile and Argentina. I once asked a spiritual teacher named Alexander Murray, what it means spiritually to experience an eclipse? He said "Imagine water moving through a creek and its path being blocked. The water doesn't stop moving. It finds another way through." I love his simplistic and profound answer. 

     Every New Moon I bring new yoga flow choreography into all my classes. The postures vary from month to month while some postures are repeated from the months prior. What can be expected is classical yoga postures and exercises to get into them that are strung together in such a way to stimulate your mind and body to be in the present moment while developing both strength and flexibility. I teach a variety of Yoga class levels including body sculpting classes called Creative Core Conditioning

     I hope to see you this summer on the mat at:


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