Flower Power Healing Meditation

       Stretch the beauty of your springtime blossoms out just a little bit more before they fade by making a flower petal mandala. Taking the time to sit and create with nature's mandala, a flower, reminds you of the great beauty, strength and grace that's always around you in the natural world. The time it took for these flowers to blossom is no different from your efforts to create that fab presentation for work, cook that delicious holiday dinner or show up on your yoga mat this morning. We are all creators, creating different things to contribute to the good of this magical and equally difficult world. 

      If you are looking to blossom, pick what your heart desires and with this intention sit with a flower or two. Pull off each petal and place them down into a pattern. Notice what you see, feel and how time disappears. You can add crystals, shells, pebbles or glitter. There is no right way to do this. Simply allow your concentration on the flower help you to dive deeper into yourself. Notice the loveliness unfold.

     Sunday June 9th at ROCA/Rockland Center of the Arts in West Nyack, New York I will be creating a Flower Power Healing Mandala that you just may want to experience. Details are coming soon! In the meantime, do check out the many lovely events that are taking place at www.rocklandartcenter.org 

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