Chakra Study at Ramapo College of New Jersey

7 Wheels of Light Art

      This coming Friday October 26th from 6pm-9pm I'm leading the Chakra Study Yoga Workshop at Ramapo College of New Jersey. I love sharing this teaching because when I learned about the chakras my life changed in a extraordinary way for the better.
       Chakra is a Sanskrit word which means wheel of light. In ancient times in India it was realized that there are many energy centers within the body. The great sages and teachers suggest there are 7 of them to be concerned with. These energy centers are responsible for letting a smooth flow of energy to move throughout your body. When all 7 chakras are open you have perfect health. When a chakra is closed or blocked you become ill. I personally use this wisdom to improve my health. As the years go by and I observe my energy body, I am amazed by what it teaches me about myself.

      In this workshop you will learn how to open the 7 chakras, how to balance them and the science of the chakras. This special event workshop is 1/2 lecture and 1/2 easy to follow yoga and meditation practice. Please bring a yoga mat and wear comfortable clothing to move in.

     This teaching is part of the Ramapo College's 200hr Yoga Teacher Training. Drop in students are welcome to join for $35. We are meeting in The Krame Center at Ramapo College in Mahwah, NJ. Please visit for more information.

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