Late Summer/Fall's Weekly Class Schedule

Utthita Hasta Padangusthasana/Extended Hand to Big Toe Variation
Dress from Nyack, NY

Summer don't go.

The tans will fade but the memories will last forever.

It's always summer somewhere.


Summer is a state of mind.

   It's time to reawaken another season and wrap ourselves around a new schedule. There's plenty coming for me this Fall as well as some new classes on my teaching schedule. Below is my Late Summer/Fall Weekly Class Schedule. Special events and more details about my NEW Creative Core Conditioning classes which start next Monday September 10th will be posted soon.

Mondays   10am   Level 1 Creative Core Conditioning (An upbeat barefoot body sculpting class which focuses on strengthening your abdomen and lower back as well as toning your buttocks, chest and arms.)   1hr   Nyack, NY

               11:45am   Gentle Plus Yoga (A step up from gentle yoga with modified Sun Salutes. Meaning no step backs and stepping forward)   1hr 15min   Nyack, NY

Tuesdays   9:15am   Level 2/3 Vinyasa Yoga (Flow style yoga with Iyengar Yoga style peak pose breakdowns)   1hr 30min   Nyack, NY

                 12noon   Gentle Warrior (Like a level 1 posture class with Sun Salute variations, restorative yoga, meditation, breath work and no inversions)   1hr 30min   Englewood, NJ

Wednesdays   11:45am   Gentle Plus Yoga   1hr 15min   Nyack, NY

Thursdays   9:15am   Level 2/3 Creative Core Conditioning   1hr   Nyack, NY 

                12noon   Gentle Warrior   1hr 30min   Englewood, NJ

Fridays   9:30am   Level 2/3 Vinyasa Yoga   1hr 30min   Nyack, NY

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