NEW CLASS: Creative Core Conditioning at Birchwood Center

   I'm leading a New Class at Birchwood Center called Creative Core Conditioning. It's a one hour body sculpting class that focuses mostly on strengthening, toning and stabilizing your abdominal and lower back body otherwise known as your core.

   This class warms you up with Pilates mat inspired exercises followed by a series of plank variations and arm exercises. Stretch exercise bands and your body weight are used for resistance. This will strengthen you while giving your arms and middle body a sleeker look.

   We will also tone and shape our lower body with a series of various lunges, squats and floor exercises. We will finish class with a grounding stretch and a restorative yoga posture. This mindful body sculpting class will enhance your athleticism and yoga practice.

   Please join us Wednesdays at 1:30pm for 1hour at in Nyack, N.Y.

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