Chill Asana: NEW Friday class at Blue Sky Yoga Tenafly

Chill Asana- NEW Friday class 12:30pm 1hr 15min at Blue Sky Yoga in Tenafly, NJ 

Chill Asana is an All Levels end of the week class that moves slowly, giving you time to be in each posture and let go into every stretch. It is perfect for resting both your mind and body in addition to rejuvenating yourself both physically and emotionally.

This class includes a breath centered easy to follow flow of postures, plenty of supine (on the back) and seated stretches, breath work, meditative pauses and restorative postures supported by props such as blocks and blankets.

You will leave the class rested and ready for the weekend :)

Please visit Blue Sky Yoga's site for more details and to register for this special class which starts this Friday March 24th.

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