Valentine's Day: Heart Healing Mindfulness Exercise

Your heart's vibrations affect everyone who is around you. This is why being with a lighthearted and joy filled person will raise your mood and why being around an angry, fearful, anxious or depressed person will lower your vibration.

Today being Valentine's Day strengthen your heart and everyone around you including your pets by breathing light into your heart's energetic center, Anahata Chakra. See it as a green mist of swirling light that makes a clockwise spiral wheel image in the center of your chest.

Close your eyes or soften your gaze down. Then close your mouth and deepen your breath. You will hear an ocean like sound coming from the back of your throat. Rest your left hand on your chest and the right hand on your belly. Follow your inhales and exhales. Enjoy the calming feeling that comes over you.

When you're done let go of the deep nose breathing and return to watching your natural breath. Notice your heartbeat in your left hand. Gaze forward and be still for a moment to ground before you move on and about your day. Realize that this mini self care heart healing exercise is not only creating better health for you but also with all beings you interact with. What is your Valentine's Day wish?

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