The Creative Path: A Meditation

Hold your hands in front of your heart. Visualize birth from a seed you planted like a blade of grass on your lawn pushing through the earth to an idea you had last year that materialized this year with your intent and action behind it or a physical birth you experienced such as having a baby. Reflect on the emotions that come from giving birth. Perhaps feelings of patience and pain you experienced from pulling something out of you comes up. Maybe feelings of bliss are felt as you reflect on the joyful new life in your eyes, heart and arms.

To birth anything is a release of energy that comes from deep within. It is a dance between the light and dark energies from deep inside that are coming out where they can be seen and experienced by yourself and others. To release your baby, your creativity, comes in so many forms. You can bang on a drum, take pictures, paint, dance or garden... the options are endless. The point is not to define your creation but to let it move out of you. Practice feeling the flow of it.

Let it be a meditation.

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